masFlight Analytics & Intelligence (AI) Platform

Powering the Digitally Connected Airline

masFlight Analytics & Intelligence (AI) Platform for the Digital Airline

The masFlight AI Platform enables Airlines to compete more effectively by differentiating themselves from competitors through product innovation relying on large amounts of passenger and operations data coupled with real-time business insights.

masFlight AI is an open digital data management platform that allows an airline to connect with passengers on a personal level throughout their travel journey and enables airlines to optimize the utilization of their asset.

masFlight AI enables collaboration across airline functions & departments, connecting people, processes and technologies to deliver a consistent and personalized customer experience.

By leveraging the power of media, broadband in-flight connectivity, large scale cloud-computing, data science and visualization technologies, the masFlight AI platform enables an airline’s digitalization strategy.

Transforming Airline Data Into Actionable Business Insights…

masFlight AI Platform Long B 18 May 2017

Global Eagle’s masFlight Analytics & Intelligence (AI) Platform is a high performance data warehouse solution trusted by the executives  at the largest airlines and airports in the world. masFlight AI transforms data into business intelligence for the airline enterprise and enables easy access to deep operational and passenger preference insights.

The masFlight AI Platform is used by airlines to plan optimized schedules, improve operational efficiency, improve asset utilization, manage operational disruptions, and to provide passengers with personalized experiences throughout their journey.

The masFlight AI platform is a single source of global flight operations and passenger experience information used by airlines and airports for historic trend analyses, day of operations decision-making and for AI powered predictive analytics applications.

Airline employees can glean insights quickly via a set of Global Eagle applications (Airview & Airtime), partner applications, home-grown airline applications, 3rd party business intelligence and SQL-querying applications, or via a set of application programming interfaces (APIs).

Delivering Value to Customers Globally

As a trusted advisor to our customers, our team strives to improve operational efficiency, reduce costs, improve passenger experience and enable an airlines’ digital transformation.

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