Airline Use Cases

Business Intelligence Powering the Airline Enterprise

masFlight : A Single Analytics & Insights Platform for Airlines

The masFlight AI Platform is a single, cloud-based enterprise data warehouse powering analytics and business intelligence applications that provide airlines with a single view of their performance globally. Aviation clients use masFlight AI to reduce cost, identify areas for operational improvement, increase asset utilization and visualize complex data trends that span large-scale, disaggregated data sets.

masFlight simplifies the transmission, integration, hosting and updating of large-scale data sets, providing a cloud-based warehouse that is analyzed using simple web-based analytics tools or integrated into local business intelligence tools.

From chief executives and business analysts at HQ to front-line employees at airport stations and in the cabin, the masFlight AI Platform has become an airline’s trusted source of information and insights.

Executive & Management Teams

Mobile and Desktop applications delivering real-time insights and key performance metrics for executives and management teams on the move.

Network & Operations Planning

Accurate, integrated, post-op data to support operations planning, including flight schedule, aircraft maintenance and other resources, resulting in improved overall operational efficiency, cost savings (such as fuel), and a better passenger experience.

Schedule & Block Planning

  • Evaluate internal and external schedules
  • Calculate block variance and causes
  • Test schedule adjustments
  • Review airport gate turns and utilization

Competitive Benchmarking

  • Review operations, delays and cancellations
  • Illustrate Operator differences
  • Identify causes and discrepancies
  • Isolate potential mitigating factors

Asset Tracking & Utilization

  • Track tail numbers by location and route
  • Monitor how airlines use assets
  • Review gate and tail number utilization
  • Identify problematic airport operations

Airline Operations Centers

The masFlight AI Platform powers applications that provide full situational awareness to airline operations center staff. Accurate, integrated flight operations data presented in real-time to support day-of operations disruption management, enable pro-active management thereby reducing the number of flight cancellations, delays, diversions, and improving operation reliability.

Disruption Management to Improve Passenger Experience

Real-time dashboards presenting accurate, real-time data to AOC staff enable proactive management of disruptions thereby improving the passenger experience by minimizing flight cancellations and delays, better passenger notification of flight disruptions, smoother connections, and timely response to consumer requests.

Passenger Services – Flight Status Information

The masFlight AI platform provides real-time flight status feeds via well defined Application Programming Interfaces (APIs). Innovative airlines use Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) as an interface to their business, connect to their passengers through multiple channels and across mobile devices, and allows them to monetize their digital assets.

Airport Stations – Management of Turn Around Process

masFlight platform is a single operations data platform that allows airlines to arm their front line staff with reliable information to synchronize operations across all airport stakeholders enabling collaborative decision making thereby improving efficiency of turn around processes.

Airport Operations to Improve Surface Movement Efficiency

The masFlight AI platform provides our airline customers with full visibility of airport demand projections and capacities, runway and gate usage, taxi times, gate turn-around times and estimated passenger traffic flows through terminals.

Passenger Preference Insights

Personalized product and service offerings while connecting passengers on a deeper level enables customer growth, retention and brand loyalty.


Passenger audience segmentation enables marketers, agencies, brands, publishers to more effectively target ad campaigns through digital and non-digital channels.

In-Flight Entertainment & Connectivity

masFlight AI allows airline in-flight entertainment and customer experience teams to access market intelligence while leveraging Global Eagle’s industry experts for insights and in-depth analysis on worldwide IFEC options across carriers, regions and fleets.

Market Forecasting

  • Evaluate market size and traffic levels
  • Review flight plans and operational factors
  • Estimate utilization & block times
  • Assess connectivity to other airlines

Aircraft Asset Forensics

Real-time equipment hours & cycles, operational severity assessment, not-to-exceed airfield and en-route performance based on actual weathers, asset contingency planning and risk management, lessees operations due diligence and contract compliance, maintenance tracking and reserve assessment, enhance long-range MRO forecast fidelity and strategic planning precision.

Technical Operations

Complete data sets for analyzing and monitoring dispatch reliability, maintenance schedule planning, competitive benchmarking of fleet performance and utilization.

Regulatory & Litigation Support

  • Collect data for regulatory defense
  • Retrieve market and fare data
  • Evaluate international partners
  • Respond to customer inquiries