Airview Applications

Delivering Synchronized Insights from the C-Suite to the Front-Line

Business Insights at Your Fingertips

One Operation. One Digital Platform. One View for All.

The Airview Application Suite is an integrated set of end-user applications, all powered by the masFlight Analytics & Intelligence platform. It is used by the C- and VP-Suite, by Schedule & Network Planning, Airline Operations, Marketing, Product Development and IFE Directors, by Business Analysts, and by all front line employees delivering innovative services to passengers.

Airview Provides One View of Reality For All Decision Makers.

One View for All – This suite of data rich yet user friendly applications enables a single view of an airline’s key operations and passenger preferences for airline decision makers from Executives at HQ, to cabin crew onboard, to front line employees working at far out stations.

One Data Warehouse Digital Platform – The masFlight platform transforms the data collected from various airline operations systems, partner systems, and third party systems and data exchanged between the connected aircraft and back office systems into valuable actionable insights for airline decision makers.


Airview OpsConnect


OpsConnect provides key decision makers with real-time situational awareness and serves as a business intelligence and fleet visualization application for executives on the move, for flight operations directors, and front-line airline staff at the stations.

Airview OpsConnect is offered with Global Eagle’s AirConnect Global in-flight connectivity (IFC) system and has the ability to ingest data from other internal airline data systems and third party data providers.

Airview Ops Connect – Direct Access


Airview OpsConnect Direct Access to the masFlight AI Platform allows power users to completely design and build their own SQL queries quickly narrowing in on the operations and contextual data they need. This is the best option available on the market today for power users who are familiar with writing their own SQL queries.

Direct Access gives airline Operations Researchers, Planners or Data Scientist the flexibility to answer the most complex questions about their operations globally.

Airview OpsConnect – Real Time Dashboards


Airview OpsConnect Real-Time Dashboards are customized dashboards that give users a quick way to monitor key performance indicators in a simple and easy to visualize way.

Dashboards serve the crucial role of conveying data-rich insights to airline users. The best dashboards transform dull, opaque data into visually appealing insights that key decision makers can act on.

Airview’s Real-Time dashboards are used by Operations personnel in an Airline Operations Center (aka. Network Operations Center) and by staff at Airport stations to monitor the status of their operations in real-time.


Airview OnBoard


Airview OnBoard is a powerful business intelligence application that provides airline executives, product development, marketing and in-flight product teams with insights into the passenger entertainment preferences on board their Satcom-connected aircraft.

Airview OnBoard integrates the real-time data information streaming off the aircraft with cabin generated metadata on movies, IPTV, VOD channels watched by passengers on board.

Airview OnBoard allows decision makers to understand passenger media consumption and on-board behavior to deliver a more personalized passenger experience.


Airview TechOps


Airview TechOps provides key decision makers with real-time insights into the performance of the IFC systems on-board, the satellite connectivity services utilized and the ground-based network used to provide end-to-end broadband services to passengers.

Airview TechOps serves as an integrated monitoring, control and visualization application for Tech Ops Directors and System Administrators by capturing and proactively analyzing end-to-end IP-traffic and ensuring that critical systems, applications and services are always up and running.

AirView TechOps enables the proactive management of service levels available to passengers on connected aircraft.