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Airview OpsConnect

Connected aircraft flight tracking, status monitoring and network-wide on time performance trending and analysis

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Airview OpsConnect provides key decision makers with real-time situational awareness and serves as a business intelligence and fleet visualization application for executives on the move, for flight operations directors, and front-line airline staff at the stations. Airview OpsConnect is offered with GEE’s Airconnect Global in-flight connectivity system and can ingest data from both third-party and internal airline data platforms.

Built on GEE’s masFlight Analytics and Intelligence Platform: Airview OpsConnect fuses Connected Aircraft data streamed over satellite with ground-based surveillance, flight status and weather information to identify and manage high-value operational problems.

Fleet Wide Situational Awareness of Connected Aircraft: Airview OpsConnect displays aircraft position and tracks, identifies taxi-out delays (even at airports without terrestrial surface-surveillance) and alerts users to operational exceptions, disruptions and cancellations. The App equips Airline managers with a do-it-yourself application that simplifies analytics, information querying, including competitive benchmarking, and automates performance reporting by airport, fleet and network worldwide.

ICAO GADSS Tracking Compliance: Together with masFlight, Airview OpsConnect enables ICAO GADSS compliance for aircraft tracking and improves the safety of operations while reduces an airline’s exposure to regulatory penalties.

Quick View of Key Performance Metrics: Airview OpsConnect provides airline executives and front-line crew members industry-leading insights into real-time operational performance, showcasing GEE’s integrated Connected Aircraft capabilities and leadership. The app unifies real-time, in-flight data with weather, flight information, and ground-based surveillance with a user-friendly interface to support mission-critical airline decisions and addresses regulatory flight tracking requirements.