In-Flight Connectivity

Ensuring Critical IFEC Systems Are Always Up and Running

Airview TechOps

Visualization, Monitoring, Alerting and Control of Inflight-Entertainment & Communication (IFEC) Systems on Connected Aircraft

Airview TechOps.png

Airview TechOps provides key decision makers with real-time insights into network and satellite connectivity performance and serves as a powerful network and IFC system monitoring and status visualization application for Tech Ops Directors and System Administrators. Airview TechOps allows the user to capture network, view and analyze network traffic and ensures that critical systems, applications and services are always up and running.

Integrated View of All IFEC Systems On Satellite and Ground Network: At the core of TechOps is GEE’s Airview AI Platform Airview TechOps fuses Connected Aircraft Data (e.g. status of wireless access points, servers, connected passenger devices, content consumed, etc.) streamed over satellite with ground-based communication networks, flight status, satellite coverage footprints, and weather information to provide a comprehensive view of the IFC network.

User Friendly Dashboards to Track Key Performance Metrics: Airview TechOps’ user friendly Web UI provides an integrated view of numbers of passengers and aircraft on the network, types of content and bandwidth consumed, services and applications running on the network, etc., and can be pre-configured to present frequently viewed metrics.

Airview TechOps is offered with GEE’s AirConnect Global In-flight Connectivity (IFC) Solution. Additionally it can be used to analyze and visualize data from other third-party IFC/IFE providers and internal airline data platforms that are connected to the Airview AI Platform through open APIs.