Passenger Experience

Analytics & Insights Delivering a Personalized Passenger Experience

Airview OnBoard

Analyze, Visualize & Act on Passenger Entertainment Preferences to Deliver a Personalized Cabin Experience


Today’s airline passengers expect a rich and engaging entertainment experience when they fly, and the inflight entertainment world is evolving to meet these expectations. In addition to the latest Hollywood blockbusters, popular TV movies and regional favorites, passengers want unique, original programing that they can’t find anywhere else. Creative curated content and connected onboard experiences are redefining the passenger experience.

Airview OnBoard is a powerful business intelligence application that provides airline executives, product development, marketing and IFE teams with insights into the passenger entertainment preferences and on board media consumption on their WiFi-equipped and broadband connected aircraft.

Airview OnBoard integrates real-time connected aircraft data information via high-speed streaming with cabin generated metadata on movies, IPTV, VOD channels watched by passengers on board and allows an airline to track passenger consumption so as to deliver a more personalized passenger experience.

User Friendly Dashboards to Visualize Passenger Entertainment Preferences: Airview OnBoard has a user-friendly Web UI that provides an integrated view of various key performance metrics assessing the connected passengers’s preferences. Airline teams are able to view tables and graphs of tracked data such as number of passengers connected, device type used, billing information, content and bandwidth consumed and can be pre-configured to present frequently viewed metrics.

Historic and Real-Time Reporting: Airview OnBoard can easily be configured to send out via email daily, weekly, monthly or real-time reports on passenger preferences to authorized users of the platform.

Integrated View of All Passenger Entertainment Consumption: At the core of Airview OnBoard is GEE’s AI Platform where Connected Aircraft Data (e.g. status of wireless access points, servers, connected passenger devices, content consumed, etc.) streamed over satellite is fused with schedules, flight status, and weather information to provide a comprehensive view of the IFC network.

Airview OnBoard is primarily offered with GEE’s AirConnect Global In-flight Connectivity (IFC) Solution. Additionally it can be used to analyze and visualize data from other third-party IFC/IFE providers and internal airline data platforms that are connected to the Airview AI Platform through open APIs.