ROI 4 The Connected Aircraft: + ROI

Gate-to-Gate Connectivity Transforms the Passenger Experience & Airline Operations

Business Case for In-flight Connectivity (IFC)

Global Eagle’s aircraft connectivity solutions have a transformational effect on the broader digitalization strategies of airlines. While today’s globe trotting passengers expect broadband connectivity in the aircraft cabin while flying above altitudes of 35,000ft and exceeding speeds of 500mph, airlines can derive even more value from their connected aircraft.

Global Eagle’s broadband Inflight Connectivity AirConnect Global Services have enhanced the travel experience for millions of passengers flying globally. Global Eagle’s uniquely integrated in-flight entertainment and connectivity (IFEC) platform provides airlines with a one-stop-shop for global broadband connectivity, the latest sought-after movies, digital magazines, IPTV channels, games and a rich set of digital media services that entertain and engage each passenger in a personalized way.

But there is more……With the prevalence of high bandwidth satellite services globally, the business case for IP-connectivity enabled airline solutions and business processes is finally here. Aircraft connectivity changes the manner in which airlines can provide more personalized passenger experiences and operate much more efficiently.

GEE’s white paper on the Benefits of Connected Aircraft to An Airline summarizes the use cases for aircraft connectivity and describes the return on investment for deploying broadband connectivity systems on their aircraft fleet.

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