Cockpit Solutions

Securely Connecting Pilots to the Airline Enterprise

Global Eagle’s navAero Solutions Enable the Connected Cockpit

Navaero is the airline industry’s leading provider of Electronic Flight Bag (EFB) power, mount and aircraft interface devices (AIDs). Navaero’s solutions play a critical enabling role in the Connected Aircraft by securely linking EFB Applications, aircraft avionics busses and flight management computers with ground-based analytics and intelligence platforms.

Navaero’s portfolio of products collect, structure, store and convert flight and aircraft data from the ARINC 429 and 717 avionics buses into IP packets for on-board data exchange and for transmission over satellite- or ground-based communications systems from GEE and other communications vendors.

EFB Applications + Connectivity + masFlight AI Platform = Powerful Real-Time Insights & Digitized Workflows

By linking navAero’s solutions to existing connectivity networks, GEE increases the timeliness, depth and relevance of aircraft-specific data and enables powerful new decision support tools for the cockpit, cabin and airline tech operations functions.

Integrating aircraft EFB applications with the masFlight AI Platform accelerates adoption of connected EFB solutions and offer new capabilities for customers, such as real-time weather, flight re-route analysis and situational awareness for both pilots and operational managers. Additionally the availability of connectivity throughout the flight phases enables an airline to link the cockpit, cabin and aircraft systems with ground based functions such as dispatch, maintenance, and tech ops thereby digitizing the workflows of these core functions.

Navaero’s solutions are certified on every major Western-built airliner used in global airline operations. The company’s equipment is installed on more than 3,500 aircraft worldwide, transforms critical and non-critical aircraft data into vital information that supports pilots and operations managers.