Platform Access

Easily Accessible by the Airline Enterprise

Business Insights for the Airline Enterprise

The masFlight AI Platform is easily accessible by anyone in any department within an airline enterprise. From CEOs to business analysts to front-line employees, the masFlight platform delivers insightful business intelligence to drive operational efficiency improvements and a better passenger experience.

masFlight: Direct SQL Access


masFlight: Direct SQL Access to masFlight allows power users to completely design and build their own SQL queries quickly narrowing in on the operations and contextual data they need. The platform’s flat table structure also eliminates messy relational tables.

The Direct SQL Access solution is a good option for sophisticated Operations Researchers (OR) and Airline data analysts who are familiar with writing their own SQL queries.

masFlight: Real Time Dashboards

Airview OpsConnect RT Dashboards.png

masFlight: Real-Time Dashboards are customized dashboards that give users a quick way to monitor key performance indicators in a simple and easy to visualize way. The solution is used by operations personal in an airline AOC / NOC / OCC and at airport stations to monitor the status of their operations in real-time.

Reports and dashboards are customizable to an airline workflows and KPIs and can be built to focus on a single or particular set of airlines, airports, or markets. You can also choose the scope, monitoring your own performance, an alliance or code-share partners, a competitors, or the entire aviation system.

Whether you want daily executive summary reports sent automatically via email, a web-based dashboard for monitoring your alliance partners flights, or event-driven irregular operations reports and alerts, we would be happy to work with you to design and build a custom product.

masFlight: Access via 3rd Party BI Applications


Customer who have already invested in enterprise business intelligence applications provided by companies such as Tableau, Qlik, Sisense, Birst, can easily and quickly connect to the masFlight platform as each of these solutions has an established set of connectors to data warehouses that are built on Amazon’s AWS Redshift.

These 3rd party applications, which were designed with a quick implementation self-service paradigm in mind, allow Global Eagle’s customers to easily access the masFlight platform via an ODBC connection to quickly analyze and visualize historic trends or monitor key performance indicators in an intuitive and familiar way.

This solution is used by operations research groups or financial analysts who already use these self service business intelligence and data visualization applications and who have the freedom to design their own queries, reports, and data visualization dashboards.

masFlight: Real Time & Historic Data APIs

The masFlight Analytics & Intelligence Platform can be accessed using an easy to use, well documented, scalable, consistent, stable, flexible and secure set of Application Programming Interfaces (APIs). From websites to mobile applications, GEE’s APIs enable are designed to support both SOAP and REST web services and support XML and JSON formats.

Global Eagle’s APIs allow partner enterprises and developers to create innovative scalable solutions that improve flight operations and the passenger experience.

Please contact us if you are interested in accessing the masFlight AI Platform.