Analytics & Insights for the Global Aviation Industry.

Insights for the Global Aviation Industry

The masFlight AI Platform has been built to solve the problems and provide business insights for all sectors of the global aviation industry.

Global Airlines & Alliances

What is the potential profitability gain from operational or commercial improvements? View operations and measure improvements over time.

How do we perform relative to our competition?  Our pre-defined queries highlight comparative performance by route and by aircraft type.

How robust is our operating schedule? We provide tools to analyze airline hub and spoke operations, observe passenger flows and flight operations over time.

OEMS & Suppliers

How does my product compare to competition? View a wide range of global operation metrics for aircraft and operators to benchmark operational performance and to develop new insights into aircraft health management.

Are there new markets for my products? Identify gaps in the markets to find new opportunities for your products.

Maintenances, Repair and Overhaul (MRO) Firms

How can real-time flight information help my business? MROs, owners and lessors want better visibility to project values, maintenance demand, and opportunities – and to optimize fleet exposure based on real-world factors using tail- and fleet-level insight for the aviation supply chain.

Can we get better aircraft utilization data? By fusing masFlight’s real time flight operations and schedule operation with last known hours and cycles, accurate aircraft utilization can project shop visits and forecast market demand for parts, services, lead identification, and maintenance optimization.


How does my airport operational performance compare to peer and competitive airports? View operational metrics for your airport versus other airports.

What is my airport’s gate utilization? View gate dwell times and scheduled operations to assess opportunities to create more capacity.

Can my airport attract more air service with better operational performance? Analyze airline turn-time and taxi-times to offer improvements in airline operations.


How can historic and real-time flight information contribute to policy discussions? Policymakers can analyze flight operations for the air space system performance, airline delay and diversion analysis, and airport operations measuring.

Can compliance analysis be improved? Real-time and historic flight analysis provides regulators accurate information to support enforcement activities.